Bridal Portrait Sessions

Jul 26, 2022

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and why you should consider having one.

Bridal Portrait

Are you nervous about being in front of the camera? Or are you anxious to wear your wedding dress and jewelry? What about your trial hair and makeup, don’t want that to go to waste?

These are all great reasons to consider having a bridal portrait session before your wedding day!

When you book your bridal portrait session a week or two prior to your big day, it allows you the opportunity to receive some stunning images while getting more comfortable in front of the camera. These pictures can be put on display at your wedding or they can make for some beautiful gifts.

If you are having a trial done for your hair and makeup, consider scheduling your bridal portrait session that same day. This allows you to see how your dress and accessories all look together when paired with your hair and makeup!

Let’s admit it, wedding days are BUSY! I want to make sure you have ample amount of time to capture the portraits you want. Which leads my to my final reason to have a separate portrait session. Doing it one to two weeks prior to your wedding day will allow you to have a relaxing session without being constrained by a timeline.

Western Bridal Portrait Session

Does this sound like something you would like to add on before your wedding day? Let’s get you scheduled.

Hair and Makeup by Aleeha Artistry

Venue: The Madelyn

Event Rental Company: HWY 109 Couture

Dress: Baltic Born

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