Sundance Square Engagement Session

Apr 27, 2023

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Have I got an amazing engagement session to share with you today! Over the weekend, I got to adventure through Sundance Square with such a beautiful couple for their engagement photos. I want to preface this with talking about what an adventure session can be. Adventure does not always mean scaling the tallest peak or doing action packed activities. An adventure is whatever you want it to be and make of it. Perhaps your idea of an adventure is exploring a city’s downtown square, grabbing your favorite bite to eat and taking in all the beautiful architecture. Ultimately, I want your session to be filled with things you love, I want it to embody your relationship and personalities!

Avery and Reid decided downtown Fort Worth would be the perfect location for the engagement session and it was absolutely stunning. Sundance Square is full of amazing buildings that offer so much personality. We were able to explore around the Bass Perfomance Hall, the plaza and even got to peek into the Sinclair hotel. If you’re looking for an old art deco style hotel for your next session, I highly recommend looking into the Sinclair Hotel.

As they jogged down the streets of downtown and kissed in the old arches, it felt as if we were in the scenes of an old romance movie. It was utterly perfect!

I’d love to hear what your dream location would be for your engagement session. Is it strolling downtown or are you more of disappearing into nature and finding scenic views?

If you want to see what a hiking engagement session entails, be sure to check out this Big Bend Session.

Take a look at all Sundance Square has to offer and see if it would be a location you’d choose for your next session!

Sundance Square Engagement Session

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